Anniversary Combo



Baby Boomers: Golden willows and crackling flowers.
Firefly: Red, silver bouquets and blue stars with crackling flowers.
Hydrogen Bomb: Whistling tail to crackling flowers.
Saturday Night Special: White, green and red comets; white, green and red comet tail burst into white, green and red bouquets; gold and silver flying fish; silver spinners; whistling tail with reports; comet tails to crackling bouquets.

Baby Boomers and Firefly: 16
Hydrogen Bomb and Saturday Night Special: 36

Baby Boomers: 7-3/4″ H X 10-1/2″ W X 10-1/2″ D
Firefly: 9-3/4″ H X 10-1/4″ W X 10-1/4″ D
Hydrogen Bomb: 10-3/4″ H X 10-3/4″ W X 8″ D
Saturday Night Special: 7-3/4″ H X 10-1/2″ W X 10-1/2″ D

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