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Twelve 6″ and twelve 5″ shells. Loaded with double breaks and the always great, Nishiki Kamuro effect. A great canister shell package!

Brand: Fox Fireworks

Shells: 24 Canisters
Tubes: 4
Grams: 60 each

Box Size: 29-5/16″ H x 9-1/4″ W x 5-15/16″ D
Shell Size: 5″ & 6″ H x 1-3/4″ W

(6″ double break shells)) Two Each- Assorted Double Breaks.
1. Red coco palm with silver plum blossom + green coco palm with gold plum blossom.
2. Green coco palm with red plum blossom + orange coco palm with white strobes.
3. Super gold coco palm to color tips + silver coco palm with chrysanthemums.
4. Brocade crown to white strobe + blue peony with gold titanium chrysanthemums.
5. Deep red blue peony with crackle + brocade crown to chrysanthemums.
6. Purple green peony with gold titanium chrysanthemums + brocade crown with red plum blossom. (5″ with gold titanium willow effect) Nishiki Kamu

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Canister, Double Break

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Very Loud