Iron Dome System


1. Red to chrysanthemum.
2. Blue to chrysanthemum.
3. White glittering tail up to whistle.
4. Blue star with white glitter and red star.
5. Purple to chrysanthemum.
6. Green to chrysanthemum.
7. Delayed crackling tail up to whistle.
8. Brocade palm and green glitter.
9. Lemon to chrysanthemum.
10. Sea blue to chrysanthemum.
11. Delayed crackling tail up to whistle.
12. Silver palm and blue star with chrysanthemum.

Brand: Black Cat

Shots: 198
Grams: 500
Color: Multi-Colored
Contains Finale: No
Duration: 75 Seconds
Firing Pattern: Angled
Loudness: Very Loud

Size: 5″ H x 27-1/4″ W x 15″ D

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